Jimmy Fallon took three whole minutes out of The Tonight Show last night to discuss Gilmore Girls, because when you have your own show you can kind of do that sort of thing, apparently. Fallon told the audience that in anticipation for the upcoming Netflix revival that comes out on November 25th, he has been re-watching all seven seasons of the original series, but he has a ways to go.

Fallon also revealed that he is #TeamJess and that his favorite four characters are as follows:


4. Taylor (a.k.a. "Mayor Guy")
3. Luke
2. Kirk
1. Paris

But really, Jimmy? Taylor? The heel of Stars Hollow, Connecticut? Come on, man.

He's the worst.
He's the worst.

Anyway, Fallon is encouraging equally obsessed fans to share their top four favorite characters with the hashtag #GilmoreGirlsTop4.

Who's in your top four?