Last night on SNL, Jimmy Fallon returned to host the show and appeared in the cold open as the preppy, appeasing, and recently-appointed son-in-law of the President, Jared Kushner. And after Kushner received the meme treatment for showing up to an Iraq war zone looking like he stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, naturally Fallon showed up wearing the exact same thing.

But wait, the sketch gets even better. Because Trump brings in both Bannon and Kushner to let them know that only one of them will remain as his top advisor, America's Next Top Model-style. The ultimatum in the sketch comes just shortly after actual news that Bannon may be getting the boot, after being formally demoted and otherwise reprimanded by the president. In the sketch, the lights go dim and suddenly Trump takes on the rhetoric of the hit reality show's host, Tyra Banks.


"If you do not see your photo, you must immediately leave the oval office and join Kellyanne Conway in the basement," Trump-as-Tyra says.

Kushner and Bannon (who is just a person in a grim reaper costume, by the way), embrace and hold each other's hands as they wait for the final results.

"Don't worry your journey does not end tonight, because you'll get to come back after all of this and help send me to prison," Trump consoles them, hearkening back to the way the reality show would offer contestants chances to return to the show after they were cut. Plus, Trump adds, they'll get to walk away with $1,000 to L'Oreal.


Now, I won't spoil who wins and gets to stay and be Trump's chief advisor, but I will say that they have to do all of Trump's work while he sits in a chair and plays with a K'nex toy.

You can watch the sketch here: