Now that people have mostly made it through the initial shock of Prince's death, everyone can start to share stories about how intimidated they were by his mystique. On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon recalls the time when Prince challenged him to a private ping pong match at Susan Sarandon's New York ping pong club, which Fallon felt obliged to accept even though he'd just had a newborn daughter. It sounds like a bizarre dream, just like nearly everything Prince did.


The match apparently ended as mysteriously as it had begun, with Prince quite literally disappearing and leaving a defeated Jimmy Fallon alone to wonder what the hell just happened.

On top of being a prolific musician, the Purple Messiah was also apparently quite the sportsman, having previously demonstrated his affinity for ping pong on New Girl.

And of course, his love for basketball is the stuff of legend.

Game: blouses. It always is.