The host of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' teared up while talking about David Letterman's retirement.

If you're a farmer who goes to bed early, you might not be aware that tonight is David Letterman's final episode of The Late Show. After more than 33 years in late night, Dave is leaving a TV landscape very different from the one he started in, due in no small part to his influence. Late night hosts like Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon have been coming forward to talk about how Dave inspired them and got them into comedy. But last night, Jimmy Kimmel had the topper.

In a six-minute segment at the top of the show, Jimmy explained how important Dave was to him as a teenager, and how he never would have become a late night host without him. He started tearing up almost immediately, surprising an audience used to seeing him be as cool and sarcastic as his hero. Most amazingly, he urged all of his fans not to watch his show tonight, and tune in to Dave's finale instead. He'll be airing a rerun, but he doesn't even want anyone seeing that.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live