Last Week Tonight and Sesame Street, which are soon to be sister programs on HBO, joined forces to provide delightfully entertaining coverage of a scary topic: lead poisoning. As John Oliver points out, congress is only willing to allocate slightly more money than Ride Along 2 made in theaters this year to combat the problem, which should make you feel even worse for seeing that movie.

The recent controversy in Flint, Michigan is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of rampant lead poisoning and the lack of government action to prevent it.


As it turns out, Sesame Street was far more prescient about the topic than the lawmakers crying foul about Flint who still voted to reduce funding for lead abatement programs.

If you're sad about being able to trust singing puppets more than U.S. politicians, cheer up with Sesame Street's original Lead Poisoning Prevention Project from 1996, below:

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