No, really guys. There's really maybe real proof maybe that Jon Snow isn't dead.

"For f*cks sake, can you just tell me if I'm alive or dead already?"
"For f*cks sake, can you just tell me if I'm alive or dead already?"

According to Game of Thrones site Watchers of the Wall, Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, hasn't just been spotted in Belfast near the current Game of Thrones filming — he has been spotted on set.

That means we have proof one of the following things:

  • Jon Snow is not dead.
  • Jon Snow appears in a flashback in the upcoming season.
  • Jon Snow has become a wisecracking ghost and is appearing on GoT briefly before launching his own half-hour spinoff, Snowed In, about a family of four trapped in a house with Jon's ghost.
  • Somebody involved in making Game of Thrones is a cruel prankster and realized that if they sent Kit Harington to stand around in costume on set, we'd totally think that Jon Snow was actually alive when he's actually DEAD DEAD DEAD. Which is an equally brilliant and cruel way to keep a secret. 
  • Kit Harington is in denial that his character has been killed off and has been hanging around set in costume even though nobody asked him to be there. Sorry, buddy. :(
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