The theme to 'The Golden Girls' can squash any...beef?

We're almost there, folks. The end of Jon Stewart's tenure at The Daily Show.

If there's one thing that made Jon Stewart feel queasy more than watching FOX News, it was the mere mention of Arby's. It seems like half the jokes for the last year of the show were tagged with something like "that message was brought to you by Arby's. Arby's: You Think Pain And Grief Are Hard To Digest."

During the penultimate episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Arby's not only bought up a lot of ad time, but also wrote a special love note to Jon that included their favorite jokes at the expense of their company. It was as weird as when Bill O'Reilly comes on as a guest and is friendly to Jon. Isn't he the enemy? Shouldn't we not be consuming this?