Silicon Valley won their second consecutive Best Comedy Series trophy at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday night, but it was Atlanta star Keith Stanfield who gave the acceptance speech.

Having just lost the category to Silicon Valley, Stanfield reached the microphone first and fired off a quick few words before quickly retreating back into the audience.

"I wanna thank everybody for honoring us in this way," said Stanfield. "We worked very hard on Silicon Valley, and here we are. Thank you."


A sort-of miffed producer of the winning show, Tom Lassally, then followed him to the mic, saying, "No idea who that was."

This moment—stealing the spotlight and insisting another entity should have won the award, will forever be known as "pulling a Kanye."

This is of course due to West's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift on behalf of Beyonce, who had "one of the best videos of all time."


If you must "pull a Kanye," it's better to do it this way than to actually pull on Kanye. Don't tug at Kanye. He's had a tough month.