Kelly Ripa fancies herself to be the non-Heidi Klum Queen of Halloween (come on, there's no even competing with Heidi), and revealed her opening costume with a song that gave it away with the first bars.

Jerry O'Connell and Matt Bomer helped Ripa out with the big reveal, rapping about her previous costume stints as "prison girl" and Maria von Trapp "doing the twirl."

The rhymes are hilariously stilted and awful, but the dance moves are pretty smooth.


"There's a million wigs I haven't worn, but just you wait," Ripa sang, and she quickly followed up on her promise.

Ripa pursed her lips and attempted her best Trump impressions—both Donald and Melania.

She then attempted a Beyoncé impression with an extremely uncomfortable amount of bronzer (different from the Trump costume), batting off with O'Connell as The Walking Dead's Negan.


The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself made a cameo, and ABC's Live with Kelly paid homage to another beloved ABC property, The Bachelorette.

Many celebrities were there, but for the right reasons?

And finally, for peak 2016, she had to go Harley Quinn.

Only 364 days to get next year's ensembles ready.