Here's how your favorite late night shows handled that 'nasty' third presidential debate.

Here's how your favorite late night shows handled that 'nasty' third presidential debate.

The third and final battle of America (presidential debate) is finally over and you're not the only one who can hardly control your emotions. Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah had to go live they were so bursting with energy to deconstruct the night of nasty bad hombres.

1. Stephen Colbert's stately, dignified mocking.

Colbert fancied himself "moderator" as he explained the context of the debate and immediately pointed out incontrovertible proof that the election is rigged. Or, at least, "rig." Always thorough and adult, Colbert gives you an 11-minute recap full of truthiness you can regurgitate at your Trump-supporting uncle in the coming weeks.

2. Jimmy Kimmel's high profile guests, and Gary Johnson.

Because Ken Bone's fifteen minutes of fame are still raging, Kimmel let him act as correspondent from the debate in Vegas while he made a hundred jokes in a row directed at his internet history.

He also got Gary Johnson to all but admit he hasn't got a chance to win the election.


3. The Daily Show's hour and a half moment of zen.

Last debate, they streamed a glass of milk "debating" a piece of white bread. This time, they went full zen garden. It's exactly what it looks like. There's nothing happening.

Noah also did a more thorough, Colbert-esque live reaction, which you can watch here.

4. James ​Corden's pretend political take.

Bravo for trying! Corden "meant to watch it," but he got distracted by Hawaii Five-0. He knows he's not "the British John Oliver."


The "who's more British" Corden-Oliver feud is going to be amazing.

5. Seth Meyers wasn't live.

But he did his best to cover the Malik Obama news before the debate.

6. Jimmy Fallon is apparently still scarred from his Donald Trump interview.

The above is the extremely timely news on the Tonight Show's Facebook page.

7. Don't forget Conan!