CBS: Col Bert Station. 

It's finally here! After a dreadful 9 months of a Colbert-less television landscape, he is back in our lives for nightly rendezvous. Instead of his old 11:30 on Comedy Central, our boy Stevie is at the even later 11:3on CBS. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered last night and was both freshly exciting and comfortably familiar — the reunion you dreamed it would be.

With Colbert having said goodbye to his Comedy Central character "Stephen Colbert," he says goodbye to addressing his fans as the "Colbert Nation" as well. He pledged allegiance to his new nation as himself, which just so happens to be the broader United States of America. In a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" that spanned from a baseball diamond in Central Park, to the Washington Monument, to the Fort Worth Stock Yards, Colbert set the tone for his new show. 

Sources: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert