If you have been enjoying Leslie Jones' hilarious weekly Game of Thrones live tweets, just wait until you see her on-camera commentary.

Jones sat down the Seth Meyers for another segment of Game of Jones, where the two re-watch the most recent episode of Thrones and Leslie gives hilarious commentary. Meyers is lucky if he can keep up.

Check it out:

This week's segment was especially special because Jones and Meyers were joined by a surprise guest: everyone's favorite eunuch, Lord Varys. Leslie almost exploded when he walked in.


"Varys is like the girlfriend that you don't know if she your homegirl or not," Jones says moments before being surprised by actor Conleth Hill. "Because one minute she's supporting you, and she's got your back, but then the next minute you hear about some bullsh*t she said to somebody else about you."

Relatable. Also relatable? Not remembering how to say every character's name. We are with you there, Leslie.


But the most hilarious moment has to be when Leslie bursts out and says what everyone was thinking during the final moments of the Sunday's episode:


And that is why Leslie Jones is America's and Westeros' sweetheart.