This isn't your normal candid camera event where a TV star waits until they're recognized before giving fans a hug—Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) refuses to acknowledge that she is anyone but "Lorraine," a nerd-store* clerk who somehow doesn't know anything about Game of Thrones.

That said, "Lorraine" still knows that HBO has asked customers to act out scenes from the show in order to get free swag. This video, from Nylon, is one of the most genuinely fun celebrity stunts in a while, and besides Maisie's steadfast refusal to break character, the most impressive part is how cool these fans play it. (Check out the guy who doesn't really know Game of Thrones slowly figuring things out at 2:18.)


They're still obviously huge fans—like the kid whom Maisie orders to re-enact Joffrey's death while wearing a tiara—but they also don't freak out and ruin Maisie's fun, either. All in all, it's a delightful way to get five minutes closer to the debut of Season 6 on Sunday.

*Maybe "nerd store" isn't the right term for a store that sells tabletop role playing games, figurines, and presumably comics, but it's certainly not wrong.

Sources: Nylon