Today on Megyn Kelly TODAY, the host everyone loves to hate had the privilege of sitting down with Juli Briskman.

You might not remember Juli Briskman's name, but you certainly remember her deed. The 50-year-old mother of two went viral last week for flipping off Trump's motorcade, and lost her job with government contractor Akima LLC for her "lewd and obscene" act. Briskman told The Huffington Post that a male colleague who called someone "a fucking Libtard asshole" didn't get fired for obscenity, but the finger is a bridge too far.


Briskman told Kelly what inspired the act of #resistance on what was just supposed to be a regular local bike ride.

"All my frustration about this administration just welled up inside me, and I just started thinking about the things that I think are going wrong in this country, and that was the only way I had to give him the message that I wanted to give him," Briskman explained.

While Briskman didn't make eye contact with Trump, she did lock eyes with a Secret Service agent, "and another gentleman who was looking out the window."


"How did that feel," Kelly asked, smirking.

TFW when you're expecting a good answer.
TFW when you're expecting a good answer.

"It felt great!" Briskman answered. "Actually, I don't think anyone has asked me that question before, but it actually felt great."

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"I hopefully got to tell him how I really feel," she added.


Juli, with a different finger gesture, we salute you.


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