Miley Cyrus was on The Ellen Show on Thursday, and to celebrate her new album and Cosmopolitan cover, Ellen DeGeneres reached into the magazine's vault.

With Memaw in the audience, Ellen asked Miley questions from a 70s issue of Cosmo, which are weird and sexist and revealing and funny, and especially fun knowing that her ~lover~ is Liam Hemsworth.


"Your sex life with your lover can best be compared to: (A) a roller coaster ride, (B) a luxury cruise, or (C) a commuter trip on a Concorde—" Ellen read, before Miley quickly answered frankly.

"C," a commuter trip on a concorde jet.

"That means it's fast," Ellen explained.

Miley smiled and said, "Yeah. I'm good."


Memaw survived the twerking era, she can handle a lil' quiz.