A respected art connoisseur once declared that Squidward's self-portrait —titled Bold and Brash—"belongs in the trash."

But like so many visionary artists light-years ahead of their time, his work finally got the respect it deserved years later, when one unknowing mom bought it for $250 (according to her son on Twitter).

"When u get home look at the kitchen wall, I bought a painting," texted Mom. "It's cool, found it at Walkers for $250 but the guy selling it said it could be worth #3,000 or more :)."


Did the guy at Walkers, by any chance, look anything like this?

The painting's from the Spongebob episode "Artist Unknown," where Sponge reveals himself as something like the talented, ocean version of Michelangelo. Squidward, naturally, is terrible at art and everything he makes belongs in the trash.


Twitter users immediately marked this significant moment in art history.

Sources: h/t Mashable