As Netflix users know, the movie and TV streaming service has very specialized subgenres of movies. The problem is, the subgenres aren't easy to access, unless you happen to have been watching movies from one of those subgenres, and Netflix suggests it to you.

For example, if you've been watching a lot of classic movies, then Netflix might recommend, say, a silent movie, or the silent movies subgenre, on your home screen. It's all based on the algorithm Netflix uses, which collects data about what their users are viewing, in order to recommend specific movies and genres.


But if Netflix hasn't suggested a certain subgenre, it's pretty hard to find it on your own. However, now you might be able to, because, as the Telegraph reports, it turns out there's an easy web address trick that allows you to find any available subgenre. All you have to do is enter certain numerical codes into the URL if you're logged in to your account.

Here's how it works: Once you're logged into your Netflix account, enter into your browser's toolbar, only instead of actually typing XXXX, you'll type in a series of numbers that correspond to Netflix's subgenres. Like, for example, the genre of Cult Movies is 7627. Within that genre, you'll find subgenres like B-Horror Movies (8195) and Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734). See? So easy!


Note: The subgenres might move around a bit sometimes, according to the Telegraph, because of Netflix's constantly changing algorithm. Also, regional differences might prevent certain codes from working.

But with that in mind, here's a list of subgenres, with a link to an even more comprehensive list at the bottom of the post.

Action & Adventure (1365)


Anime (7424)

Children & Family Movies (783)

Classic Movies (31574)


Comedies (6548)

Cult Movies (7627)

Documentaries (6839)


Dramas (5763)

Faith & Spirituality (26835)


Foreign Movies (7462)


Gay & Lesbian Movies (5977)

Horror Movies (8711)

Independent Movies (7077)


Music (1701)

Romantic Movies (8883)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1492)


Sports Movies (4370)

Thrillers (8933)


TV Shows (83)

And here's that even more comprehensive list!