Cooking segments are usually the most innocuous of all talk show staples. A celebrity chef shows a wisecracking host how to make some fancy noodles, the host screws it up and the chef makes fun of them, then the host winds up with noodles on their face. It's a time-honored tradition.


Leave it to ruthless iconoclast Nicole Kidman to rock that foundation to its core. In a new segment from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, famous sexy chef Giada de Laurentiis attempted to show Ellen and Kidman how to prepare her clementine and fennel pizza. (Yum?) Instead, Kidman proved she DGAF by undermining the whole enterprise from the start. And when she finally tasted a sample of the pizza in question, she didn't hold back on saying exactly how she felt about it. Luckily, they all broke down in a giggle fit, instead of a full-on brawl.


That five-hour-old pizza may be a little tough, but Nicole Kidman is tough as nails.

This may be the most hilariously awkward cooking segment since Gordon Ramsay famously clashed with Norm MacDonald on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.