Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the hunky actor who plays hunky sister-f*cker Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, finally admitted in real life what his character has thus far been unable to say: Jaime has the hots for FEMINIST ICON Brienne of Tarth.

~Cartoon heart eyes~

Said Coster-Waldau to IGN of the star-crossed pair's reunion in the show's most recent episode:

[You] constantly feel this subtext of a weird fondness and attraction between them that they never act on, and could never act on. It's intriguing. You kind of go, "Why can't you just...?" What I love about the scene last night, the set up is brilliant. When Bronn surprises Pod in front of the tent, he says, "So what do you think? Are they f--king in there? Because I know he wants to f--k her. I'm sure she wants to f--k him. So what do you think?" And then we cut in and you just see these two people standing very stiffly and very correctly and trying to avoid talking about anything really personal, but being very correct.

Because the writers set this scene, the subtext is so clear that they're happy to see each other, but they don't know how to recognize that. The truth is that they've never, you know... Yes, Jaime's been with his sister his whole life and that's the love he knows, and God knows that's a version of it. Brienne, she loved Renly I think, but they would never recognize the thing that there is between them because it's just beyond imagination -- or at least they would never allow themselves to go to that place.

Sources: IGN