The red bow tie!

CBS announced today that Two and a Half Men will end after this, its 12th season. While all unwatchable yet inexplicably popular things must come to an end, we have no idea how the writers will manage to wrap up all the loose ends in a single season. Here are our predictions for what will happen in the final season of the show.

1) We'll finally meet the Half Man.

Though he is rarely discussed by the characters on the show, the Half Man has become a symbol of sinister forces afoot within the universe of Two and a Half Men. Every time Charlie (or later, Walden) indulges a hedonistic impulse—by spending money recklessly or having sex outside of marriage—the Half Man gets a mention, though we never actually see him. It could be that the show's creator Chuck Lorre is drawing on his religious upbringing, and the Half Man is the devil—not quite a man, yet too fallen to truly be called an angel. Or perhaps the Half Man is an actual living person, controlling the activities of Charlie, Alan and Jake from afar. Some have even posited that the Half Man is Lorre himself, a kind of meta commentary on the nature of sitcom writing.