A guy used the "Peanutize Me" site to ruin all your favorite TV shows.

A guy used the "Peanutize Me" site to ruin all your favorite TV shows.

Peanutizing your favorite TV show characters sounds fun until you see the final product. Peanuts was a comic strip in the 1950s about the most average child in the world whose dog was loved more than he was. Now, Charlie Brown and all of his friends are taking a break from selling life insurance to be in a brand new movie. To celebrate the movie's release, the website peanutizeme.com lets users make their very own bland, unlovable child version of themselves. 

It seemed really boring until TV podcaster/cartoonish villain Grant Davis came along and used the site to ruin your favorite shows by making them look more like Charlie Brown. The results will make you question if TV is even good.

Sadly, Walter's voice is garbled the whole time.
Here's hoping they find the phenomenon that makes Charlie Brown think he can actually kick the football each time.
I'm guessing one of these is Pigpen as a teenager.
Snoopy was already a magical dog. This is overkill.
When your dog is your only friend as an adult, that's much sadder.
Marcie becomes Liz Lemon as an adult.
Imagine the 'Peanuts' comic strip... but for children.
I want to go to an alternate universe where I never saw this one!
Linus grows up to be Charlie from 'Always Sunny.'
Operating on Charlie Brown every time he misses the football and lands on his back.
Like 'Peanuts' they just keep bringing this show back in any way possible!
'Peanuts' was actually the first comic about nothing.
That's what the original 'Peanuts' was missing! Swearing!

Good grief! This guy spent a lot of time on these!