Seeing as you haven't watch a new episode of Saved by the Bell for over 20 years, you'll just have to pretend this story about the actors is actually about the characters. In a new memoir by executive producer Peter Engel, he shares a sordid incident between Kelly Kapowski and A.C. Slater.

Again, this actually happened between the actors, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Mario Lopez. But it's more fun to picture Kelly and Slater instead of the hormonal 18-year-olds who played them.


So to help you visualize, it's this guy doing the cheating:

According to the memoir, the kids started dating IRL in 1991 after a particularly bonding episode where they all go to Jessie's father's wedding.

About a month afterwards, here's what happened. According to US Weekly:

According to his version of things, Lopez thought Thiessen was filming and “was in his dressing room, making out with an extra, and Tiffani came in, catching him red-handed. She was wearing his letter jacket and, in a rage, ripped it off and threw it at him. After that, she ran out. They broke up, Engel writes, "but the [show] family stayed together.”


Oh don't worry, there's more.

Kapowski also supposedly dated Zac Morris (fine, Mark-Paul Gosselaar) before her ill-fated romance with Slater.

The point is: please make a documentary about Saved by the Bell, and have it narrated by Zac Morris.