The beauty of Thanksgiving is getting federally-approved time off work, but having to spend it with family can be far from relaxing. Here are 12 sitcom episodes with hilarious, unfortunate hijinks that will take your mind of your own fam. A glimpse at a New Girl or an Always Sunny Thanksgiving will make your's seem not-that-bad.

The best part? All of these are available on Netflix or Hulu to stream on your computer in your childhood bedroom.

1. How I Met Your Mother, "Slapsgiving" (Season 3, Episode 9)


No matter how heated your family's arguments are, here's hoping that it doesn't result a brutal, violent slap in the face. The legen—wait for it—HIMYM episode features awkwardness all around, with exes Ted and Robin sexing, and Robin bringing her current boyfriend to dinner the next day. It's major (salute!) dysfunction.

2. Modern Family, "Three Turkeys" (Season 6, Episode 8)

In peak sitcom hijinks, Jay and Gloria got caught pretending to be in Mexico, and not one, but THREE turkeys were harmed in this the making of this confrontation.


3. New Girl, "Parents" (Season 2, Episode 8)

Jess tries to Parent Trap her parents and her eventual boyfriend Nick is super-horny for her mom. Even if your uncle passes out and the turkey is burnt, your Thanksgiving can't be worse.

4. Bob's Burgers, "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" (Season 3, Episode 5)

This Thanksgiving was not a fun day for Bob Belcher, who lent out his family to his landlord and had a lonely time in the kitchen with his lonely friend, the turkey. And it's good to have a television screen between you and Linda's Thanksgiving song, in case you want to mute it.


5. The Simpsons, "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" (Season 2, Episode 7)

Bart's gonna Bart, and the rascal ruined Thanksgiving by ruining Lisa's cornucopia. He ends up doing a mitzvah at a soup kitchen and learning the True Meaning Of The Holiday.

6. South Park, "Black Friday" (Season 17, Season 7)

The first episode of an epic trilogy, South Park raises the stakes on Thanksgiving weekend with a Game of Thrones parody. When you play the game of Black Friday, you win or you die.


7. Happy Endings, "More Like Stanksgiving" (Season 3, Episode 4)

No matter how embarrassing you and your friends are, at least you weren't on a reality show, or your not-so-meet-cute caught on tape. Pour one out for this darling show, too perfect for this world.

8. Seinfeld, "The Mom & Pop Store" (Season 6, Episode 8)

You may make some dumb purchases on Black Friday, but at least you didn't spend money on a convertible thinking it belonged to actor and Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight instead of normal John Voight. Plus, you didn't strike out with Bryan Cranston!


9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs" (Season 9, Episode 10)

While your family might feel like your enemies, the Paddy's pub gang actually invited all the people they've hurt and maimed over the years to literally bury a hatchet, only to lock them into a burning apartment. Hopefully your meal is fire-free.

10. Cheers, "Thanksgiving Orphans" (Season 5, Episode 9)

Two words: Food. Fight.


11. Friends. All 10 Thanksgiving episodes.

A Friends marathon buys you an additional five hours of peace and quiet. Watch all 10. If you only have time for nine, skip "The One with the List."