I have never watched Two and a Half Men. The only thing I really know about Two and a Half Men is that Charlie Sheen quit and went crazy (and that the kid went crazy religious and quit). Apparently, instead of serving up nostalgia to longtime fans of the series, show creator Chuck Lorre decided to pander to people like me who only remember that one thing. The entire finale was about Sheen's character, long thought dead, who turned out [spoiler] to have been a prisoner in a well in his stalker-wife's basement, where they allude to him being tortured and sexually assaulted. LOLtastic. There were also a lot of jokes about no one knowing why Ashton Kutcher was even there and how the show should have ended a long time ago. Really made the fans feel good, I'm sure. Chuck Lorre must still have a big rash on his ass from the whole Sheen experience, because the final scene of the entire show was the above Looney Tunes sequence where instead of wrapping up any loose ends (usually after 12 years of a sitcom, there are a few), they just demolish a Sheen body double.

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