Hurray for these Stephen Colbert promos!

Stephen Colbert is actually getting me excited about late night television again. His particular brand of self-effacing weirdness is so charming and fun and unexpected. First, we had that incredibly bizarre and hilarious "Colbeard" promo. Now, in the video above he writes his new theme song and wow! What a hit.

There's also a white board behind him with a list titled, "Show Needs," if you're wondering what to expect this fall. Here's what's on it:

  1. Theme song
  2. Things to say
  3. More things to say
  4. Refreshing sandwich
  5. Harvest organs from clone
  6. Bolo tie?
  7. Kick oxy!
  8. Get oxy!!

This list hints at a very exciting premiere season. My only argument with it is the question mark at the end of "bolo tie."

Sources: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | UpRoxx