Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman, has come under fire after a clip from its second season resurfaced recently. The clip features chef Ree Drummond making a joke about Asian food that many are deeming racist.

In the clip, Drummond "pranks" her friends and family by presenting a tray of Asian-style chicken wings. Everyone seems shocked and appalled that she is serving Asian food.

"Where are the real wings?" questions one man. "I don't trust them," declares another.


But surprise! Drummond was only kidding. She pulls the tray of "real" chicken wings (with buffalo sauce) out of the oven. "I'm just kidding guys, I wouldn't do that to you," she says.

Um, what?

Needless to say, folks on Twitter aren't too happy.


Hey, The Pioneer Woman. Everyone's food is real food, okay? Cool.

Sources: Koreaboo