Amber Lancaster is a model on The Price is Right, and they were just about to cut to commercial when she tripped and busted up part of the set with her booty. The contestant, Leah, made the correct guess during the "Double Prices" game, and loses her mind just like you're supposed to do when you're a contestant on the show. But it isn't her screaming and flailing that causes Amber to lose her balance.

Just prior to the break before the "Showcase Showdown", Amber loses her balance for no apparent reason and smashes a light bulb with her butt. She didn't fall, and they all had a good laugh about it. The best part is the contestant, Leah, who from the peanut gallery, pulls an Urkel and asks "Did I do that?" No, Leah, you're fine. The only thing that got shattered was the stage light and poor Amber's pride.

Sources: The Price is Right