"Simpsons Did It" has now expanded from jokes your friends make to presidential politics:

These days, jokes about Donald Trump are swirling around the Internet like a cotton candy combover. The biggest joke of all is his presidential campaign, which has been so riddled with bad press, it's come around and become good press. He's now leading in the polls, people! What. Is. Happening?!

We shouldn't be taking our political cues from a cartoon, of course, but from fact based research. Hah, just kidding, my cat tells me who to vote for! Also, The Simpsons. In an episode that aired in 1999, the show suggests in the clip above that Trump tanks the economy, which I believe, but it was because he invested in our nation's children. Thaaaaaat's harder to swallow. Unless it's a children's beauty pageant. Well, they can't get everything right, but maybe we should start going through past seasons for more predictions on future politics. Or warnings.

Sources: The Simpsons