Ann Coulter was a guest on The View on Monday where she took it upon herself to try to defend Donald Trump's honor and credulity, a Sisyphean task if ever there were one. Speaking to the panel of hosts, Coulter explained that Trump doesn't hate the media, only the fake media (you know, like CNN and The New York Times).

“You mean the fake news that he has helped put out there, Ann Coulter?” Whoopi Goldberg asked. “You talking about that fake news or just fake news in general? Because he has lied quite a bit, honey.”


But Coulter said that Trump "doesn't lie," he's just a "B.S.-er" and "an exaggerator," comments that were booed outright by the studio audience.

"What do you think B.S. is?" Goldberg asked Coulter.

Coulter conceded that Trump has lied one time, but she's not spilling the beans on when that ONE LIE might have been, or what it was regarding.


Then Joy Behar asked, "Was he lying when he called Obama not born in this country? Was he lying?"

Coulter responded, "I am not counting anything until he announced for president," prompting one lone "WHAT!?" from the audience. That person may have been the only person to shout it out, but surely everyone was thinking it.

Sources: h/t Raw Story