One of the few things more embarrassing than accidentally leaving your mom a voicemail recording of you having sex, is having her tell the story on her daytime talk show.

Coleen Nolan, a panelist on the British chat show Loose Woman, told a story recently about being confused by a strange sounding, 4-minute-long voicemail left on her phone. After listening for ten seconds and thinking "What the hell is that," she realized "that" was the sound of her son Shane Junior shagging a bird (or a lad, she didn't specify).

Though, she didn't actually say "shagging," or "screwing." She may be a "loose woman,' but she's still British. The way she put it was that her son "had gone off during his night of passion."

We all know that young people are glued to their phones, but still, how the hell do you butt-dial your mom during sex?

Evidently, Shane Junior doesn't watch his mom's show, and didn't hear about her confession until 4:35 that morning. We know this because that's when he sent out the following tweet:

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