While it's been four years since the final season of 30 Rock aired, Tracy Morgan might still be in character. Either that, or he's never known actor Jack McBrayer's real name.

Monday on Conan, McBrayer told the host about calling up Tracy Morgan to wish him a happy birthday this past November. "Yo Kenneth, I just gotta say man, I love you, thank you for this," McBrayer said was his response. "My name is Jack," he then clarifies for Conan and the audience.

"Kenneth is your character's name," says Conan.


"I know that!" retorts McBrayer. Clearly, it's Morgan who we should be concerned about. That crazy man can't tell fact from fiction. Or maybe he just thinks its more fun to keep the show alive. I certainly revisit the show to feel whole again, from time to time. You can watch the clip here:

Sources: EW