In the 1950's Western TV show "Takedown" presented an episode where a con man named "Trump" comes to town predicting the end of the world, and promises that he is the only one who can build a wall to save them. Sound Familiar?

"I am the only one, just me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate."

These clips are from the 1958 episode "End of the world," where traveling con man Walter Trump sells a town on a wall that will protect them from "great fires."


It's a bizarre connection to candidate Donald Trump's plan to build a wall.

But that is not the only striking similarity. The connection also exists in the claim that Trump is the "only one" that can save the town, which is exactly what our newly minted 45th president claimed repeatedly during his campaign.

"The only one who can."


So how will it end?

According a Snopes article confirming the existence of this episode, a spokesperson for Chicago network MeTV, which airs “Trackdown" reruns, says things don't end well for Trump.

"[At the end of the episode], after Hoby tells Walter Trump that he is under arrest, the final scene heavily implies that the Texas Ranger shoots and kills him."