Another terrible "Wheel of Fortune" guess is making the rounds on Thursday, and this one's definitely in the conversation for worst of all time. As a refresher, the letters already on the board are for sure supposed to be included in your guess. But if you want to go viral, I suppose you can just scream "POPSICLE BIKE" and hope for the best.

The category was "Living Thing."


In this moment, we are all Pat Sajak, saying "uh, no" and wondering what has happened to the world.

Also worth noting (when you're debating if this guess was worse than this one or this one) is the fact that this appears to be a couples round of Wheel of Fortune, and this brave lady either:

A.) Consulted her husband, and they decided to scream popsicle bike.

B.) Thought to herself, "I got this," and shouted popsicle bike.

The answer was "honeysuckle bush."