A woman thought she "looked cute as hell" until her boyfriend brought her to a terrible realization: she was dressed just like Pinhead Larry.

Now, the episode of Spongebob in which Pinhead Larry appears is a masterpiece, and will one day be preserved in the Library of Congress. But you don't really need to know about it to enjoy this woman's tweet (so scroll to the bottom of this post if you want to read the episode summary*).

This is really all you need to know:


The pink jacket helps, but it's obviously all about that neckware.

The responses to this woman's tweet (she changed her Twitter name to Pinhead Larry, making all this impossibly confusing) are pure joy.

Most people thought she looked both "cute as hell" and just like Pinhead Larry, which I'm sure would boost the real Pinhead Larry's confidence.


Her tweet's already gotten over 40,000 likes in the two days since she posted it.

Plus, it had success on Facebook, which was then posted back to Twitter, which is really the top of the food chain as far as viral content goes.

"Accidental Spongebob" is quickly becoming my favorite genre of internet story. In case you missed the woman who paid $250 for Squidward's portrait, here, look.


*The origin of Pinhead Larry:

Hey, thanks for coming down here.

In an episode from season two called "Survival of the Idiots," Patrick and Spongebob head to Sandy's estate, only to find that she's hibernating. They accidentally wake her into a sleepwalking stupor, and she sees them not as Patrick and Spongebob, but as the villains from her dream: Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry. Things get really violent, she tries to kill them, and at one point Spongebob and Patrick argue over who gets to be Dirty Dan. In the end, she wakes up to find that they've stripped her of all her fur in an attempt to stay warm.

Sources: h/t Mashable