The home run bat is way more terrifying this close up.

How did Link spin so much without vomiting? (via SoKrispyMedia/YouTube)

No matter how much or how little you game, you've probably played Super Smash Brothers. To pay tribute to Saturo Iwata, the late Nintendo president and one of Smash Bros' developers, SoKrispyMedia recreated a fight between Mario and Link from the iconic game, but did so from a first-person perspective (the actual game is played in third-person). It's a really cool concept, and they get everything down incredibly accurately, from the sound of the Pokéball opening to Link's reaction to stomaching a fireball. Something about the video feels incredibly weird, though. Maybe it's the characters being played by real-life actors. Or maybe it's seeing how violent everything is up close. Or maybe it's realizing that I'm an adult person who is still really into Super Smash Brothers.

Sources: YouTube/SoKrispyMedia