A troubled young man has appealed to Reddit's relationship message board for advice after experiencing the all-too-common trauma of his girlfriend saying someone else's name during sex. But his girlfriend had a unique excuse—she claims the name she said isn't of another man in her life, but of a particularly sexy character in a video game. Now he doesn't know whether to believe her, and if so, if he should challenge this cyborg cowboy to a fight. Read his post and decide for yourself.

This is gonna be the most pathetic thing posted to this sub all day, but I'm confused. I know this place probably gets "wrong name during sex" questions all the time but this just feels weird.

Girlfriend and I have been together for one year and we have a great relationship. Up to this point I never would've thought she could cheat on me, but then again I thought that about my ex as well and she did cheat on me, so maybe thats why I'm having a hard time thinking clearly about this.

Basically we were having sex and then she suddenly moaned the name Jesse. My name's not Jesse or anything even close to it so of course I was shocked. I asked her who Jesse is and she kind of froze, her eyes got really big. She looked really embarrassed and (I think) guilty and after a moment she said that Jesse's the name of a character from Overwatch and that must be where it came from.

Now I don't really play video games, but she does and I think Overwatch might be one of those. Still, I don't know what to think? If you'd asked me before this whether I trust her or not I would've told you I trust her absolutely, but now I'm shaken and thinking what if this whole Jesse thing is a cover up and there's an actual guy that she's been seeing? Makes me kind of paranoid given what happened with my ex.

Also even if she WAS just thinking about a video game character, wtf does that mean? I tried joking about it afterwards, "why were you thinking about an Overwatch character in bed" etc, and she laughed nervously and said she didn't really know, it just slipped out and she must've been playing for too long. But surely if she's thinking about video game characters, I'm doing something wrong in bed??

Look, I'd definitely be happy if there WAS no actual guy named Jesse and this was just some weird video game thing, but does this mean she's unsatisfied? I don't think I can bring it up again without seeming paranoid and like I don't trust her, but I have no idea what to do here.


If you're not familiar with Overwatch, you're either not a nerd, or a hopelessly outdated nerd. Overwatch is the biggest (and best) new game of 2016, an online team-based shooter that's already become a massively popular spectator sport around the world. And Jesse McCree is one of the most beloved characters. He's a sort of future cowboy with a robotic arm, an incredibly accurate and powerful revolver, and the sexiest facial hair of any video game hero since Nathan Drake.


What would you do if your significant other was secretly lusting after polygonal gunslingers? Would you believe them? Would you ever trust them alone with a PlayStation again? Or would you at least insist that they fantasize about a less sexually threatening character, like Zenyatta?

He seems like a gentle lover.