And when you wil come ,we'll ger out of the way.

I generally try to defend gamers whenever I can, but if there's one type of gamer I can't forgive, it's the type of any group of people I can't forgive: YouTube commenters. Yesterday, the makers of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games, released the first gameplay trailer for GTA V (below), and the comments coming in are so amazing that they deserve to be turned into inspirational art, which is exactly what Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Comments does. The single-serving Tumblr has actually been running for 7 months, since the first GTA V trailer (not a gameplay trailer, though) came out, sending pre-teens and the mentally pre-teened into a dumbass tizzy. That tizzy primarily comes in three forms: juvenile horniness, juvenile prejudice, and juvenile idiocy. We're not sure which are our favorites yet.

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