I bet you're thinking about every game you threw out right now that could be worth a fortune, aren't you?

Somewhere out there is a kid who screamed in the store that he NEEDED this game.
His mom called him a spoiled brat and made him go home. Stupid mom.

When it comes to rare, expensive video games, the North American version of Bandai's Stadium Events is a regular contender for the gold medal. Only about 200 copies are known to exist, and the last time a factory-sealed version was up for auction, it went for $41,300 and shattered the previous record for the most expensive video game ($20,100 for a copy of Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991*). It's so rare because after Bandai made it, Nintendo bought the intellectual property (which included a special controller which would later be released as the Nintendo Power Pad) and re-released the game as World Class Track Meet.