Introduce the "Mums" to the "Old Enough To Be My Dads" and unlock some romance.

The wait for Grand Theft Auto V ended last night and I'm putting off buying my copy. Not just because I would've added another slash to the "Old Enough To Be My Dad" category in this Brit's midnight roll call. But because when I played GTA IV, it was when I was unemployed and supposedly using that time in between jobs to work on writing projects. "I'll play a little more GTA to reward myself for working for a half-hour," I'd say at 2 PM. At 7:30 I'd hear my wife coming up the stairs of our apartment building and I'd hastily pull the plug on the TV and run to put on pants so it looked like I hadn't been sitting on the floor playing video games for five hours. 

Sources: Carl Anka on Twitter