Naaa na na na na na na na na na naAAAAAGGGHHHH!

There are two ways of looking at this video. One is to just see a rolling, inflatable technicolot monstrosity become a semi-dangerous but amusingly whimsical bowling ball on a crowded beach, all set to fun and goofy music. That sounds like a pretty good video to me, and I am sure you will enjoy it like that. The second way to look at this video is the way it was intended: a look inside the horrible reality of what a real-life game of Katamari Damacy (a video game where you play a tiny cosmic pronce who must roll up tiny objects like paper clips and pencil erasers until your ball gets bigger and biggger and you can pick up birds and then people and then eventually continents) would be like: delightfully horrifying. Summer's over, guys.