I've got a good feeling about Strong Man.

These are all characters from iconic Nintendo franchises, from the Mario universe to Metroid (Samus), Sonic (yes, now owned by Nintendo), Starfox, Pokemon, and Zelda. Every one of them appears in Nintendo's all-star battle franchise,  Super Smash Bros., where you play these iconic characters against each other in a brawl. You probably recognize some of them (uh, is that a Wii Fit person in the bottom right?), others you kinda sorta feel like maybe you've seen, and some are clearly from less-well-known games. If you've been under 30 at any point in the bast 30 years, however, you would probably do better than this six-year-old who actually plays and likes the game. She's apparently the sister of an Icelandic (I think) teenager named Lorenzo who runs a Tumblr called The Soupy Investigations. He's the one who introduced her to all of them and then asked her to name them afterwards. He also posted audio of him going back over them and showing her the correct names:

Sources: The Soupy Investigations