Maisie, seriously? You're dressing exactly like someone from that time period.

That is IT. Stop making children, everyone. Shut it down until we can figure out how education should work. Declining math skills I can cope with, and I'm fine with the widespread inability to comprehend a sentence with more than two clauses. Not even recognizing an NES? Did these cretins even grow up in America (well, obviously Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones' Arya Stark, did not)? 

I mean, I thought video games were important to this generation, and the NES is the most important home video game system, hands-down. Sure, Pong and the Atari kicked off the industry, but Atari almost ended the entire artform by sucking so hard. The Nintendo Entertainment System saved it, and made games what they are now. Many of the games are still playable today, because they were designed with elegance and around the mechanics, not around fancy cutscenes and graphics. I literally sound the oldest I have ever sounded before, and I don't care because MOST OF THEM THOUGHT IT WAS A GAMEBOY.

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