The only way to make senior drivers even more dangerous.

"Try taking away my license now!"

The Fine Bros' long-running React series has become an Internet staple by mystifying kids with old technology like the rotary phone, baffling teens with stuff that was cool when 30-somethings were kids, and forcing seniors to deal with the risqué entertainment hits like 50 Shades of Grey. (If all entertainment is derivative, this proud tradition probably started with that ancient viral hit, "grandma reacts to '2 Girls 1 Cup.'") I mention this because it somehow seems incredible that they haven't had delightful old people play Grand Theft Auto V before this week. Sure, there are more violent games like Postal or Manhunt, but when we talk about controversial videogames, GTA is the undisputed king.

The Internet agrees with me--since the video was uploaded on Wednesday, it has already racked up over three million views.


Reactions ranged from finally understanding what all the hubbub is about ("I just hit a woman for the first time in my life. And I'm having fun!") to resenting being forced to participate. One thing is for certain, though--I can't wait to see how crazy games get by the time I'm old enough for my complaints or enthusiasm to be endearingly hilarious.

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