6. A "Sesame Street" parody of "Sons of Anarchy" called "Sons of Poetry." Roses are red/ violets are blue/ this parody/ is a lot gentler than the show. (via)



5. "I Want To Make Love To You Like In The Movies." From the mind of someecards' own Josh Gondelman, a somewhat romantic plea for cinematic sex. On McSweeney's. (via)


4. An early 1960s guide for kids called "How to Tell Good People from Bad People." This vintage guide we found on BuzzFeed was created by the good people, hopefully. (via)


3. "A Recap Of Last Night's Episode Of Television Show." Did you see this week's Breaking Bad? Spoiler alert! Miles Klee explores why TV recaps are dumb. (via)


2. A handy guide from Silhouette Man to what's wrong with American thinking. It will make you want to move to Sweden. (via)