This is, believe it or not, a Photoshopped image.
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Way back in the ancient times of November 2013, a 5th grade teacher posed with a piece of paper saying she wanted to teach her class a lesson about Internet privacy about how far a picture can spread online. She ended up becoming one of the most hilarious memes of the year. It seemed the lesson was learned, but of course there is one major problem: humanity keeps producing babies who have absolutely no clue about anything that happened in the world before they started to pay attention... usually around the 5th grade. So, this week a 5th-grade (or P5) teacher in Scotland had to do it all over again.


Oh, the terrible places your photo will go!
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In the process, she taught them another valuable Internet lesson: if you wait long enough, you can steal someone's idea and get all the same results. The disturbingly creative minds over at reddit's r/Photoshopbattles forum helped make sure she achieved that.

She could have just taught her students about the original teacher.
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Guess Who will be on the Internet for the rest of her life!
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The things the Internet can do with your photo can be absolutely nauseating.
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You may recall that this Michelle also had a sign hijacked by the Internet.
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Oops, you're all dead now.
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International Space Station astronauts apparently print out the Internet like my grandma.
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Subtle but deadly.
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This, kids, is the exact reason you should be wary on the Internet.
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Very topical, Michelle. I didn't know Scots watched the Super Bowl.
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I can't even decipher this enough to tell if it's offensive.

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Looks like the Internet finally got her to snap. Wonder how this will turn out.
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And the Internet claims one more victim.
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Check out the original teacher who made the mistake of trusting the Internet here. Or, check out some of the other Photoshopbattles that we've written about. Just make sure you never give them your picture.

Sources: redditor prawnjoe