Pretty sure you could have bribed any two people in coach to switch.

As we all know, the main reason for founding a tech start-up, or becoming wealthy in any field in America, is to be able to get your way at all times like a spoiled child. Unfortunately for Jason Goldberg, CEO of, the morons in 2F and 1E didn't seem to get the memo. I mean, we're talking about here, the website I first visited today after hearing what a douchebag this guy was. Obviously, with that kind of success, it's no wonder investors think this brand-new site is worth a billion dollars. Oh, wait, I have heard of it before: when Goldberg claimed that his constantly threatening to fire people over things like hanging jackets on their chairs was a joke. I'll say this: I believe him. This is a guy who thinks that people who probably paid over $1500 to sit in first class are douchebags for not moving away from their family for a fraction of that cash. So, he is probably the type of guy who thinks constantly making jokes about laying you off is really funny. 

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