You can hunt for many things in rural Australia: wild boar, deer, buffalo, and Internet fame.

It took thousands of years for humans to map all the coastlines, rivers, and mountains of the world, and then after a few years of using satellites the job was over. Then, Google started mapping anything that was visible from a road, and people found there was one last way they could make their mark on the map: get their pictures taken doing stupid things on it. Much like the last era of cartography, this one will probably be completed before long, so when people see the Street View car now, they know it's their only chance. This couple acted with impressive speed, pulling over in Keith, Australia and dropping their knickers to get this photo. However, they should have held the pose longer, because Google catches them laughing and running back to their car in the photo taken a little further down the road:

Sources: Redditor Llamarama220 | Gawker