The 'blinking white guy' from 2017's most iconic meme shocks everyone by existing IRL.

The 'blinking white guy' from 2017's most iconic meme shocks everyone by existing IRL.

In the real world, many people spend their lives trying, and usually failing, to get famous. But on the internet it can happen randomly, in the blink of an eye. In the case of Drew Scanlon, that happened literally.

If you've been on the internet at least once in 2017, I'm sorry, and also, you're familiar with this gif.

Blinking white guy has come to signify being truly baffled and speechless while also throwing shade, in a world that increasingly calls for exactly that.

And now Drew Scanlon, the real "white guy blinking," has become an internet celebrity, joining the ranks of famous memes past, like Side-Eye Chloe and the "ehrmagerd" girl. He appeared on Good Morning America yesterday. According to the segment, his gif has been viewed more than 226 million times. But it doesn't seem to have gotten to Scanlon's head. He comes across as a pretty normal guy, who one tweeter described as having a "quiet magnificence."

You can watch a clip from the segment here:

Twitter is having a range of reactions to finally meeting the guy behind everyone's favorite meme. Some are impressed.

Some are amused.

Some claim to have been ahead of the curve.

Others are jealous of his job title.

And this person had the best reaction:



Scanlon is a filmmaker and entrepreneur, according to his Twitter bio. But he seems to have accepted what his actual job title is:

All hail Drew Scanlon: professional blinker. The best, first, and only, in his field.