The Internet is many things, including a really good canvas.

Art imitates lifelessness in Yung Jake's portrait of Kim Kardashian. (via Yung Jake)

Rapper and artist Yung Jake has been called "the art world's favorite rapper" and is the creator of the "anti-social network" Unfollow, but he may ascend to the level of full-blown regular celebrity (or at least a Twitter and Instagram one) now that his emoji portraits of some of the biggest stars in the world have gone viral.

Whiz Khalifa, presumably seen through a heavy fog of his weed brand, Khalifa Kush.

Yung Jake graduated from CalArts before starting a rap career because, as he told LA Weekly (via text), "Every time I made a painting it was about being black of da sudden. So I started making raps about pretty-hoe-bitches and suddenly, blackness wasn't an issue anymore." In both his music and his art now, though, the theme is the all-encompassing viral culture in which we live and breathe here on the Internet.

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