This is what is at stake, people.

I wanted to end this Tuesday on a happy note, but I'll have to settle with an informative and artificially upbeat one. CollegeHumor has made many recent videos explaining things people don't think enough about, but this one really got my goat. There is no controversy about Net Neutrality—the people are for it, the money is against it. The money is winning. 

If you don't want your Internet to keep bringing you cat videos, the chance for humanity to redeem itself by actually listening to one another for once, and dirty porn all at the same speed, then by all means, ignore this. If you would prefer to live in a world where authors can easily self-publish dystopian novels rather than actually inhabit a dystopia, head over to and swear at some government officials. 

Seriously, these people (the FCC and the lobbyists, not Adam Conover and Emily Axford) should be put in prison.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: College Humor | Digg